Thursday, August 03, 2006

About Me...

Hi there bloggers,

This is where you can find out all info on me, Clint Don Claassen. Let me start of by giving a little bit of background info just to get things going. It all started long, long ago, on a hot summer’s eve in early February 1984, the 6th to be precise. I was born in a town in South Africa called Oudtshoorn, a popular tourist destination in the heart of the Western Cape. At the age of 3 I was enrolled in a catholic pre-primary school (even though both my mummy and daddy were Protestants) and by the age of 6, I started grade 1 at Sacred Heart Primary (yes you guessed it... a catholic primary school). Some of my fondest memories are attributed to Sacred Heart. I still hold all the teachers and staff dear to my heart and I shall never forget the values and moral lessons that were taught and instilled in me to this very day. I spent a total period of 7 years at Sacred Heart and at the end of my final year it was time to move on…

After my senior graduation I decided to study Informatics at an institution in Cape Town that was know as the Cape Technikon, currently the institution has merged with another technological institution and is known as The Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

I have since completed my National Diploma and I am in the process of completing BTECH: Informatics, it’s basically the equivalent to an Honors degree. Well that’s it for today… lookout for more updates and opinions in my blog of thoughts: